Stormwater Flow-Through Planters

Stormwater Flow-Through Planters

A stormwater planter is a ‘flow-through planter.’ A flow-through planter is a container with an impervious bottom or placed on an impervious surface. They can be placed in or above ground level. Stormwater flow-through planters temporarily store stormwater on top of the soil and filter sediment and pollutants as water slowly infiltrates down through the planter. Excess water then collects in an overflow pipe at the bottom of the planter and drains back into the system.

A stormwater flow-through planter benefits our rivers and streams by reducing peak stormwater flows into our overburdened sewer system, improving water quality, providing wildlife habitat, and benefiting your property by greening an impermeable area while enhancing landscape aesthetics.

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Our stormwater flow-through planter starts with a waterproof, galvanized metal tank. The rainwater from a downspout is directed into the tank, which is filled with alternating layers of gravel, sand, and soil. Plants that are able to thrive in periods of both saturation and drought are planted at a depth of 6 inches from the top of the planter, which allows for some ponding of water during periods of high rainfall, and there is an overflow system to ensure that water will not spill out over the top of the planter.

Stormwater flow-through planters are ideal for any home or small business owner desiring a unique, attractive way to help manage rainwater. They are also a great stormwater management solution for home and businesses that have limited space.

Stormwater flow-through planters start at $495.00. This price includes the waterproof galvanized tank with all necessary fittings, gravel, sand, soil, plants, filter fabric, safety overflow grate, and delivery/installation.

If you are interested in learning more about stormwater flow-through planters or would like to schedule a stormwater property consultation, please contact Luke Stamper at 412-371-8779 ext. 120 or or visit our stormwater flow-through planter shop page.

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